by leveraging the 50M+ annual kiosk visits in our nationwide ecosystem to curate highly targeted product sampling campaigns and retail vending. 


Break through the digital chaos

The D2C space is crowded and adspace grows more expensive with fewer returns by the day. Bring your products directly into 2.5M+ consumers' homes in more than 7,000 unique locations faster and more affordably than previously possible. 


Unlock data not found in physical retail

Get access to unmatched demographic and behavioral data so you can engage users, precisely segment & retarget samplers, and fully understand new customer engagement.


Meet new customers when & where they are

By utilizing Placement kiosks, your product will be accessible 24/7 to over 2.5M high earning individuals and college students across the US.  


The convenience of eCommerce and the results of physical retail

85% of purchases still come from physical retail which converts up to 20x more than eCommerce. With Placement, you get the best of both worlds. 


Real-time feedback you care about

In addition to demographic and behavioral data, Placement lets you customize questions for consumers and choose to allow freeform comments. And everything is accessible live in your dashboard.


Activation Offerings

Leverage the 50M+ annual visits to our automated kiosks to curate highly targeted product sampling campaigns allowing consumers to access your product, while obtaining specific demographic & behavioral data not seen in traditional product sampling.

Leverage our physical retail kiosks in over 7,000 luxury apartment developments nationwide, allowing consumers to discover and buy your product.

Leverage our digital touchpoints with 2.5M+ residents to create a unique brand experience. Offer in-store samples, product discounts, and more. 

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